Sunday, 3 February 2013

Love Jesus not money….

Love Jesus not money….

Money is one of the few things we as a people need to purchase our food, clothing, homes, vehicles and other necessities in life.
But many people are ‘In Love” with money, they work around the clock, they invest and reinvest, sadly along the way, they forget what they have.
They look at their worth and feel it has been through their hard work and effort that has given them their grand success, or has it?
This is where I recall reading scripture and the Lord reminds us that “We have Stolen from Him!” Whether it’s not tithing our 10% or giving to those the Lord wishes us to help, such as the hungry, homeless, those who are sick or needy.
The point is, that every good thing comes from the Father, if wealth comes our way, it was through the Lord, not by anything we could have done on our own.
How often do we see these kinds of people boast about what they have?
With all their fame and fortune, many do not have the ONE thing that will Always remain Solid  in their Life, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.
Without Christ, it would be impossible to inherit the Kingdom of God, impossible to have the chance to eternal happiness and Salvation.
If the Lord Jesus Christ Has Blessed You, remember those who have not been so fortunate and the Lord will continue Blessing you now and in His Eternal Kingdom.
If you use this Blessing in helping others, the Lord will bless you more than you could ever imagine….

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